Super sunny fruits: hold and win


Super Sunny Fruits: Hold And Win has a theoretical return and medium to high volatility (RAT) of 95.6%. The highest win potential multiplies the initial stake by 1,100 times. The casino game is a fun way to play against your friends or family. Lovers of the casino theme will certainly be pleasantly surprised at the fruit iconography which decorates the playing surface with a 5×3 square grid.

The bonus offers include a wild symbol, a five-sided die, and three types of chips; a wild symbol plus a house, a wild symbol plus a temple, and a temple plus a wild symbol. You can use these chips in the temple game and the wild symbol in the bonus game. When all five of your Super Sunflower icons are on the same side of the playing surface, you win one whole spin. When all five of your Super Sunflower icons are displayed on the opposite side of the screen, you lose one whole spin.

This fun little slot machine offers an exciting “all power” twist to the slot machine game. To start, pull the lever and a bright light inside the slot will illuminate a red “A” shaped square. The red “A” is a wild symbol and means you have won a jackpot. Play through the course of the game as the A’s alternate between the left and right colors.

On your first two or three spins, a small icon will display above the screen. The icon will change into a larger, visible “H” when it becomes closer to the center line on your second or third spin. If the icon becomes closer to the left border on your fourth spin, then you win one free spin. The Super Sunny Fruits: Hold and Win is a great online slot machine game that features great graphics and sounds.

The online version of this classic slot game has three jackpots which will increase in value over time. Once all the jackpots have been earned, a new icon will appear on the bonus screen. This time, it will change into a “P” shaped pattern. You are now looking at a total of seven different icons, which will increase in size until it becomes a total of nine on the bonus screen.

Some of the images that can be seen when you are playing the Super Sunny Fruits: hold and win bonus games are a wild icon, a wild symbol, a temple with a number of sunflowers, and a small palm tree with three baby mangoes sitting on it. On the song selection screen, you will see various options such as being able to hear the song, reading the words of the song, and even making the lyrics appear onscreen if you so desire. When you click on the plus sign icon, a balloon will come down and float across your screen. If you hit the “super fruits” icon, then a small umbrella will appear above your head. This is just a basic rundown of what is involved in this fun slot game that you can play from start to finish.